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Is Your Device Budget Getting Stretched?

Get to know the activity trackers your business needs and your CFO will love. It's time to meet the Right Price Device.

The Right Price Device

We believe that the cost of personal fitness devices should not be a barrier to inclusion in any wellness platform. We also believe that more organizations would offer fitness-tracking programs or scale their current ones if affordability were not a limiting factor. So if you are searching for the right price device then talk to us. Talk to YOO.

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YOO RX is available on the CoreHealth Platform.

Feature Rich.
Design Simple.

  • Bluetooth Smart 4.0

  • Touch-Activated display

  • High-definition OLED wide screen

  • Tracks daily steps + distance

  • Estimates calories-burned

  • Monitors sleep automatically

  • Records minutes of movement 

  • Smartphone notifications

  • Phone, text, email alerts

  • SoapCoach Handwash Timer

  • Built-in clock and date

  • Adjustable fit for all wrist types

  • Up to 14 day battery per charge

  • Waterproof design (5 ATM)

  • Compatible with IOS devices 4S and later and Android 4.4 or later

All About YOO

We design all of our products in Connecticut with a highly experienced team of industrial designers, UI/UX specialists and graphic artists. From easy-to-use pedometers to sophisticated Bluetooth® wearables YOO devices are developed to be accurate, intuitive, durable and affordable. We strongly support thorough and comprehensive use-testing and always have product samples available for client evaluation.

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Data Integration Made Easy

All YOO Fitness Bluetooth® devices are fully integrated with Apple Heath and the Validic® platform making data-integration quick, easy and secure. Clients may opt to leverage the YOO+ app for iOs and Android or flow data to our partner platforms. As a matter of policy and privacy we do not store or share any user data. As such we are the trackers that leave no tracks.

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Leave the fulfillment to us

We know how daunting it can be to source products internationally. So YOO Fitness manages the entire process from product development to packaging design to quality assurance to manufacturing, importing, warehousing and finally fulfillment. Our logistics management team supports clients throughout the U.S, Canada and Europe. We know the ropes so you won’t have to.

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Drop us a line

The best way to evaluate our devices is to take a test drive. So send us a note and we will ship you a test sample the same day.


Thank YOO for reaching out!

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